What is the full form of SDM

The full form of SDM is the sub division magistrate. Subdivisions are formed by dividing areas. The unit is controlled by SDM, an administrative officer

What is the full form of SDM
What is the full form of SDM

The full form of SDM is the sub division magistrate. Subdivisions are formed by dividing areas. The unit is controlled by SDM, an administrative officer, usually below the district level, which is based on the government structure of the country. tax collectors and officials. An sub division magistrate can be a senior civil servant with relevant junior career experience or a junior member of Indian administration.


SDM performs various teaching assignments under the 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure and many other minor actions. Usually he is a PCS rank officer. The DMD is empowered by the Debt Collection Magistrate, Tax Inspector, and any equipment or subdivision under the control of the Subdivision Magistrate. He has full control over the Tahsildars in his subdivision and acts as a link between his subdivision's district officer and the Tahsildars.


Table of content

1.Responsibilities of SDM

2.Function of SDM

2.1.Revenue functions

2.2.Magisterial functions

2.3.Disaster Management

Responsibilities of SDM

1.Vehicle registration

2.Income function

3.Elective activity Registration

4.Marriage Registration

5.Renewal and issue of driver's license

6.Renewal and issue of weapons license

7.Issue of certificates as OBC, SC / ST and domicile.


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Function of SDM

Revenue functions

Revenue functions include keeping land records, performing revenue cases, performing demarcation and mutations, settlement operations, and serving as public land administrators Girdavars, Kanungos (revenue inspectors) and patwaries are overseen by Tehsildars who are involved in sales activities and mutations at the field level involved.


They are also empowered to issue various types of legal certificates including SC / ST and OBC, residence, nationality, etc. Registration of ownership documents, sales contracts, powers of attorney, share certificates and any other documents required by law to be registered. It is carried out in the sub-registrar's office which is nine. The deputy commissioners are registrars for their respective districts and oversee the deputy registrars.



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Magisterial functions

The magistrates exercise the powers of magistrates, in this function they are responsible for the operation of the preventive sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure, they also conduct investigations into cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years after the marriage and issue instructions to the police for registration . of the case, if necessary


Subdivision judges have the power to investigate the deaths of those deprived of their liberty, including deaths in police prisons, prisons, women's homes, etc., fires, riots and natural disasters, etc.

Disaster Management

This department has the primary responsibility for relief and rehabilitation measures in the event of natural or man-made disasters, it is also responsible for the coordination and implementation of the disaster management plan for natural and chemical disasters and the awareness-raising program for disaster risk reduction is currently being carried out with the support of development aid from the United Nations