What is the full form of PCS

PCS full form is Provincial Civil Service is the administrative officer of Group A and Group B of the State Service of the Executive Branch

What is the full form of PCS
What is the full form of PCS

PCS full form is Provincial Civil Service is the administrative officer of Group A and Group B of the State Service of the Executive Branch of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. PCS is also the feeder service for the Indian Administrative Service in the state. The officers are carried out by the Uttar Pradesh Public Utilities Commission (UPPSC). The examination is shown as a combined state service / superintendent examination.


According to 2012 data, the strength of the IAS cadre in the UP is 537 civil servants, of which 374 are directly recruited, while the remaining 163 are incorporated into the state public administration of the executive branch.


Table of content

1.Recruitment for PCS

2.How appointments are made

3.Career progression in PCS

4.Responsibilities of PCS officer

5.Salary of PCS

6.Academic qualification for PCS

7.Promotion to IAS

8.Political influence

9.Corruption on PCS


Recruitment for PCS

Half of the recruiting for the service is based on an annual competition run by the UPPUC-Uttar Pradesh Public Utilities Commission called Direct PCS Officers as they are appointed directly to the rank of assistant collector. Promotion of the civil service of the Lower Province of Uttar Pradesh (Tehsildar cadre) known as PCS promoted officers. PCS officers are appointed by the governor of Uttar Pradesh regardless of their form of entry.




How appointments are made

The UPPSC will then conduct a pre-examination at various government centers for admission to the combined government services / parent subordinate (written) main examination. The selection is based on the overall qualification that the candidates have acquired in the examination and in the interview.


Only those applicants are admitted to the (written) main examination who have been declared successful in the preliminary examination, for which the selected applicants must fill out a further application form in accordance with the requirement of the commission.


Only candidates who have been declared successful based on the main examination (in writing) are invited to an interview. Candidates must (v) fill out a prescribed application form (vivavoce test) before the interview.



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Career progression in PCS

After completing his training, a PCS officer usually works as an instructor and deputy debt collection officer (SDM), is promoted in addition to the city judge and later to the additional district judge and additional collector. Most districts have 2 or 3 ADM positions, the most common being ADM (City), ADM (Finance / Revenue), and ADM (Executive), who are also promoted to Development Director (CDO) after a some years of service, dealing with rural development and has general oversight of most of the sectoral developments in a district. At the division level, PCS representatives are positioned as additional division representatives. Most departments have two or three such positions, the most common being Additional Commissioner (Development), Additional Commissioner (Revenue), Additional Commissioner (Executive). In the Foreign Minister, PCS officials serve as special secretaries, deputy secretaries, and deputy secretaries.


In municipal corporations administered by the Office for Urban Development, PCS officers act as municipal officers and additional municipal officers. In development agencies administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Planning, PCS officials generally serve as secretaries and vice-presidents. as Deputy CEOs and additional CEOs in the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway authorities reporting to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Industrial Development. In a delegation, a PCS officer can be assigned to one of several directorates as additional directors, directors and CEOs, additional / joint CEOs, CEOs in state UPMs.



After two decades of service (typically reaching Level 14 by this time), PCS officers directly recruited by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) will be promoted to the Administrative Service of India after confirmation by the Ministry of Personnel and training the Government of India and the Union Public Service Commission. One third of the entire IAS force in Uttar Pradesh is reserved for PCS officers (SCS quota).




Responsibilities of PCS officer

Typical functions that a PCS official performs are:


1.collecting income from the country and acting as courts in financial and criminal matters (tax courts and criminal courts of the executive magistrate), maintaining law and order, implementing government policy of the Union and the state at the base level, if you work in field positions, d. H. to act as sub-departmental judge, additional city judge, city judge, additional district judge and additional departmental commissioner, and as a local government official; d. and the government.

2.Dealing with the administration and day-to-day running of the government, including the formulation and implementation of the policy in consultation with the responsible minister, the chief / additional chief secretary and the secretary of the department concerned.



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Salary of PCS

The posts carry the pay scale of ₹ 9300-34800 Grade Pay ₹ 4200 to ₹ 15600-39100 per month Grade Pay 5400.



Academic qualification for PCS

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or an equivalent degree by the last day on which the application is received.




Promotion to IAS

Under the Indian Administrative Service (Appointment by Promotion) regulations of 1955, PCS officers may be promoted to the IAS after eight years of service. In reality, however, they are generally promoted to the IAS after two decades of service. Some PCS officers moved to the Allahabad High Court due to seniority anomalies that slowed their advancement for nearly a decade. in 2012, as mentioned on its final closing list.



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Political influence

Directly recruited IAS officials often complain that promoted IAS officials are preferred to field positions because of their proximity to the politicians they serve in two decades of service. Since the state government was often governed by regional parties, many politicians allegedly appointed their men as departmental officers and district judges. In addition, as of 2012, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) launched an investigation into the recruitment of PCS officers by the Uttar Pradesh Public Utilities Commission (UPPSC).



Corruption on PCS

Recently, the state government suspended two PCS officers on suspected land fraud of 26 crore (equivalent to ₹ 30 crore or $ 4.2 million in 2019) and was searched by income tax authorities. Another IAS promoted official, Mr. PC Gupta, who was appointed Executive Director of the Yamuna Highway Industrial Development Authority, was arrested for his alleged role in land fraud at Rs.126 crore.