Bay path portal admission process and fee criteria

Bay path portal or  University is a private university located in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA. The university was founded in 1897

Bay path portal admission process and fee criteria
Bay path portal admission process and fee criteria

Bay Path University

Bay path portal or  University is a private university located in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA. The university was founded in 1897 as the Bay Path portal. The university offers undergraduate and co-educational courses for women. From the New England Higher Education Commission.

Bay Trail University offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs at its five locations. The student to lecturer ratio is 12:1, and the university strives to provide each student with a personalized learning experience.

As of the fall of 2018, there are 3445 students at Bay Road University, including 1,521 postgraduates and 1,924 undergraduates.

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1.In 2020, U.S. News ranked 94th among universities in the northern region.

2.Ranked as the 21st most innovative school in 2020 by US News.

3.Ranked as the 15th best social event of 2020 by US News.

4.Ranked 10th in the 2020 America's Safest University Campus Ranking

5.Ranked by Niche as the 55th best criminal justice college in the United States in 2020.

6.Ranked 408th in Niche 2020 among the best college campuses in the United States.





Courses offered by Bay Path University or portal

Bay Pat University Residence College offers more than 30 undergraduate courses. Some well-known undergraduate courses are accounting, biochemistry, biology, computer science, criminal justice, and marketing. Bay Way University also offers accelerated study options, such as 3 years, 3 + 1 years, and 4 + 1 year undergraduate degrees.

Bay Road University offers more than 30 innovative and career-oriented advanced degrees. Well-known courses include accounting, communication and developmental psychology.



Bay Path University Campus

  • Longmeadow Campus
  • East Longmeadow Campus
  • Sturbridge Location
  • Concord Location
  • Springfield Location

The main campus of Bay Trail University is located in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The expansive campus of Bay Road University is adjacent to the historic district of Longmeadow. The Langmeadow campus is composed of teaching buildings, principal's office, classrooms, dormitories, gymnasiums, training rooms, admissions offices and parking lots.

The Sturbridge campus in Massachusetts offers degrees and certifications in education and psychology. The campus consists of library services, academic and administrative deans, student financial services, and admissions offices.



Bay path  University or portal Dormitory/Accommodation

Bay Path University accommodation is only open to women. Bay Path University provides multiple corridors for graduate and undergraduate students. Students applying for accommodation must provide a complete admission form and up-to-date medical records.

  • Bollum Hall
  • Theinert Hall
  • Wright Hall

Live off campus

Bay Trail University does not have an association or sponsorship for housing development, but they have a reference guide to help students find off-campus accommodation. There are several towns in the area that offer affordable accommodation.

Bay path University or portal admission process

International students who wish to apply for admission to Bay Pat University can check the following details before applying to the university.

Application: Students can use the joint application or complete the application online through the university website.

Application fee: The university doesn't charge an internet application fee.

Application deadline: Bay Road University offers continuous admission.

Entry needs: The entry requirements for bachelor' and master' degree programs are as follows:

  • Official highschool transcript translated in English
  • someone of the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, or IELTS Scores
  • TOEFL score of eighty or higher than
  • IELTS score of half-dozen or above
  • 2 letters of advice
  • Three-page essay for collegian admission explaining the expertise to get in Bay path University
  • Photocopy of passport
  • financial statement showing spare fund for one year

Admission needs for graduates:

  • collegian transcripts
  • touchstone of 3.0 or higher is most well-liked for graduate programs
  • IELTS or TOEFL score
  • TOEFL score of eighty or higher than
  • IELTS score of half-dozen or above
  • 2 letters of advice
  • Essay in English on the requirement of graduation
  • plan
  • insurance and a completed immunisation record

Women' Leadership Conference

Bay Path hosts its annual Women’s Leadership Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts. quite 800 people attended the gap ceremony in 1996, as well as former United States Secretary of Labor and Transportation Elizabeth Dole (Elizabeth Dole). Since then, PBS/ABC communicator Koki Roberts (1997), NBC News chief and policy correspondent Andrea Mitchell (2002), former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (2005), and author Maya Angelou (2007). ), player actress (2008) and reporter Barbara Walters (2014). In 1988, before the institution of the annual meeting, Bay Path organized variety of events. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher) talked with Bay Path students at the Springfield Symphony Hall in 1988.



Bay path admission costs

The tuition and boarding fees for undergraduates are shown in the table below. International students should consider other expenses, such as health insurance, book expenses, and travel expenses when making a budget for studying in the United States.

The fees for postgraduate study in the 2020-2021 academic year vary by course.


Financial Aid Bay Path University

Students of Bay Path University have received graded scholarships for studying in the United States. If their academic performance is satisfactory, they can choose to renew their visas.

The university also provides graduate scholarships based on degree programs and other qualification requirements.

Famous graduates

Notable college graduates include Jean Paige Turco (American actress), Edward Patrick "Ed" Boland (famous politician) and Michelle Soto (New York community organizer). The University Alumni Association Council attempts to strengthen the alumni community by organizing and organizing activities, programs and opportunities for alumni participation.